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Message from the Owner:

Hello, my name is LeeAnne Lowrance; I am the founder, owner of A Place Called Home.  I truly appreciate that you stopped by to visit our site and learn more about us.

For more than 25 years, I have been working to improve the lives of the families and patients in our communities. I am a master’s level social worker as well as a nursing home administrator and I see the importance of the decisions our seniors are making in the hardest of times.

I left the nursing home to fulfil a dream.  After many years of working in the health care field, I identified many excellent resources and providers for our seniors.  I also identified with that wealth of resources a broad area of need for our seniors.  It was almost like a bridge that was halfway there and then… it dropped. An example of this is:  Our seniors who did not meet the qualifications for one provider but needed the personal assistance not provided by another.  I decided to make a difference in their lives and bridge the gap. That’s when my dream… A Place Called Home was founded.  

As I built the company I assessed the true purpose.  At the end of the day when I lay my head down what did A Place Called Home accomplish today?   I realize that to be a blessing and add value to patient’s lives that we serve would be the greatest accomplishment the company could achieve.  So I was committed to seek and identify team members that also embraced this passion to serve.   I believe this comes from being raised by my grandparents.  They along with my great grandparents instilled in me a servant’s heart, great compassion with strong morals and work ethic.  

I started Tennessee in 2008, and in 2010 I was faced with the dilemma of the gap in my own family.  My grandparents lived 2 hours away from me.  I felt the strong need to see that they received the appropriate care just as they had given to me while I was growing up.   My grandmother fell and was injured greatly.  She was the primary caregiver for my grandfather.  It was such a challenge for me because of my career and having 3 small children, the worry was overwhelming.  So the bridge I had to build.    Thus, A Place Called Home now covers the adjoining Kentucky areas.

The foundation of my company were built on-- the needs for partners in care for the senior patient-- the family members that love their mom or dad and wants them to have the best care available-- and an agency or agencies that provides the staff that works to support them.  All of these are key components in delivering the best and complete care.  

By the time the patient decides they need our service, their family members are extremely tired and mentally exhausted from providing the care for their family.  The family and friends need and deserve support as part of this process too.  We strive to learn how we can support these key members of the care support team.  We will ensure that needs are being met—if we can’t provide it, we will make sure we find out who can meet the needs of our patients.  

I look forward to providing you or your family member with the best possible care.  Please contact us with any questions for concerns.


LeeAnne Lowrance