16 Jan

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16 Jan

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16 Jan

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11 Jan

Director of Client Services

Sondrea Connelly
Supervises our Client Relations Managers and Staff Development Coordinators from each site to assure the core values of being a blessing and adding value to the lives of those we serve.

11 Jan


Lee Anne Lowrance, MSSW, LNHA
Embraces her vision of being committed to enabling each of her employees to fulfil their purpose of being a blessing and adding value to the lives of the patients and families we serve.   Dedicated with 25 years of experience in the health care field, the last 7 years as a nursing home administrator.  In the scope of her professional career she knows the trials that our seniors face during their journeys.  Committed to easing the struggles you or your love ones face.  

11 Jan


A Place Called Home recognizes the stress and frustration expressed by patients and their families as they navigate through the continuum of care.  A Place Called Home is committed to supporting YOU during this time. 

Our Management Team is dedicated to supporting the key members of our support team.   We are committed to ensure that your needs are addressed and being meet to the best of their ability.  We strive to fulfil the purpose of being a blessing.  Our Management team combined has over 50 years of experience in the field of in- home care.  This allows us to add value to lives of those we serve.   Meet our team:  

•Insert Picture of Client Relations Manager 

Our Client Relations Managers provide free-in home assessments to determine your needs.  They will educate you on the resources available through our partners in care.  They will also assist you in navigating through the referral process.  Often our extensive knowledge and experience has been utilized to expedite this lengthy process to get you the care you need as quickly as possible.  

•Insert Picture Staff Development Coordinators

Our Staff Development Coordinators are available to coordinate your care needs with the caregiver.  Once you have set your desired schedule they are responsible for assuring coverage.  As you need to adjust your schedule they can accommodate these changes.  

Our Office Managers are dedicated to assuring the highest quality caregiver.  They determine whether each applicant demonstrates the qualities of our mission statement.  They complete all reference check and background information to assure trustworthy, punctual, compassionate traits are exhibited.  

Our billing staff assures accuracy of all accounts.  They assist with insurance claims, invoices, and payroll processes. 

Our number one support team member is our caregivers.  A Place Called Home recognizes without this group our endeavors would be impossible.   

20 Feb

Care. Concern. Compassion.

17 Feb

Our Mission

18 Feb

Partners in Care

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